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The perfect application for timecoding and reviewing translated scripts and transcriptions

Mac & Windows compatible!

Timecodes, script lines, characters…

Unlike other programs, such as word processors or spreadsheets, TimelyScript "knows" what script lines, timecodes and characters are.
Following the way you work, the script is divided into solid script lines and all is designed to make easier timecoding and reviewing translated scripts and transcriptions

Vista general de un guion en TimelyScript

Controlling the video

Simultaneous control of video and script makes easy to work with time codes, characters and text .

No need to switch between applications

With the cursor keys you can control the video and the script simultaneously.
You can also use the slider and the timecode column.
The video always follows you!

The video keeps its independent window

Optimise your working environment!
Size and position the video window wherever you want to make the best use of your screen space.
You can even move the video to a secondary monitor.

You can also open the video with VLC

This allows you to work with videos encrypted or protected with MediaSeal© and any other VLC-compatible system.
And, of course, you also control it from the script lines.

Insertion and modification of time codes

Timecoding requires hearing and visual focusing. TimelyScript allows you to do it with safety and accuracy, avoiding fatigue.
You can easily recalculate existing timecodes in case of last minute changes.

Insert the timecode in each line with a click or a keystroke.

The keys are configurable, so you can customize the process to achieve the best productivity.
There are several settings availabe to help you improve accuracy and reduce stress.

Time calculator

You can add or subtract time easily to existing codes.
You decide whether the change applies to the whole script or to a range of script lines.

Video re-synchronisation

Do you have to adapt an already edited script to a different version of the video?
Resynchronise it easily adding the timecode burnt on the frame where the misalignment begins.

Perfect time codes

Imported scripts or scripts with many changes may have errors or inconsistencies in timecodes.
TimelyScript highlights errors in red.

Characters and text

A clean and simple interface to handle script lines and characters in the most intuitive way.
Checking the names of characters is essential before delivering the job. This is a simple and agile process with TimelyScript.

Move, split, join, duplicate, delete or insert lines in the simplest and most intuitive way.

- Drag and drop to reposition a line.
- Choose a new character when splitting text.
- Joining also works with non-adjacent lines.

Control of Characters

Assign colours to the most relevant characters and navigate visually through the script.

Modify a character and the change will be replicated.

Drop-down menu for characters

The list is updated automatically.
When you change the name of a character you can update its lines or create a new character.

Text editing

There are always last minute changes. When timecoding or reviewing your translation you can make changes safely.

The text is isolated from the characters and time codes.

Work with confidence, avoiding the usual mistakes of a word processor or spreadsheet.

In text searches you get only the lines in which that text is found.

The replacements do not affect the characters column.

Carefully orthotypographical

The final document is exported clean of double spaces, multiple returns, returns plus spaces and other common typos.

Import and export

Import your translation from the format you are used to work with, and export it in the format your client requires, avoiding further conversions.

Import scripts with or without timecodes

Although you may not need to insert timecodes, if you use Word or Excel to translate, import your translation for a last revision and then export it in the right format for your client.

Save your usual export setting

Choose the file type, the timecode format, colours and style of characters.
Store your most used settings as presets.
You can also select which characters or captions you want to export.